Sunday, August 06, 2006

Taliesin to the Twin Cities

Started Friday with a visit to the Frank Lloyd Wright visitor centre just a mile from Spring Green and a 2 hour tour of the house he lived in for 48 years "Taliesin". (The name comes from the Welsh for "shining brow".)

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Then back on my bike for the long journey to the twin cities of Minneapolis and St.Paul. Once again the temperature was in the high 80s and clear blue skies. I'd chosen the scenic route along US highway 14 west which meanders through some beautiful farmland. At times I was the only vehicle on the road as far as the eye could see in either direction. Then arrived in the industrial town of La Crosse where I rode over a steel girder bridge crossing the Mississippi river. This was my first sight of the great river and I turned north on Bob Dylan Highway US 61 which follows the Mississippi for several miles with spectactular views of the river at every turn. After passing through Red Wing the road splits and I took US highway 10 west through St.Paul and carried on another 15 miles to my destination for the next couple of days, the small town of Anoka just northwest of Minneapolis. Staying with some relatives, Chuck and Mary Drury.

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They have made me very welcome and Chuck (a fellow biker) is planning to ride with me on Sunday for part of the next leg of my journey to Sioux Falls.

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Anonymous Mary d said...

What a joy to have Terry as a special family visitor. I haven't laughed so much in quite a while and he even got me to shop. I am not a shopper. Thanks for everything. God speed on your soul searching trip with the wind to provide the music and the birds to sing and the sun and the stars and Mother nature all around. Betty B

4:43 pm  
Anonymous linda said...

hi terry
good photo but where is the biker chick on the back? keep a good log, publish and become a best selling authour on return?

6:50 pm  
Anonymous Sandra said...

...Linda, he left the biker chick behind...! What an old misery!

Terry - when you say you took the 'scenic route', is this akin to our Killarney adventures?
Ride safe
Your very own Biker Chick..
Ride safe XXX

12:50 pm  

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